Talking With Tenants

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Hi Everyone!

I’m Kristyn. I do a lot of PR work here at Dearman Property Mgmt. In simple terms, that just means I’m a good talker. (LOL) I’m easy to talk to, really. We love talking to our tenants, whether you are a new tenant or an existing tenant.

Even if you’re coming in to pay your rent, or if you have a question or an issue that needs to be addressed, please come into the office to talk to us. Any of us are available to speak with you. We also have a new employee in the office! Her name is Brandi and she is here Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If Morgan or Nikki aren’t here, please by all means, ask for me. I will try to assist you.

We think, oh I have my cell phone, I can text, or I can send an email. Sure, that’s great. Things can get crossed in translation that way. Even on the phone, miscommunication can happen. I want to be able to look you in the eye so I can understand you and where you are coming from. I love communication. Communication, proper communication is key to positive outcomes!

Please, come see us in the office!

Refer a Friend and Get Extra $$$$$

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We would like our tenants to be aware of Dearman Properties referral credit opportunities. We are offering a $50 credit on your rent for the following month that your friend or relative moved in. There is no limit on how many people you can refer; just tell your friends to mention your name when they come and fill out an application. Your account will be credited $50 after your friend or relative has been living at their new apartment a month. If you have any questions about the refer a friend opportunity please call us at the office 601-545-9755.

Apartment Availability

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Welcome to Dearman Properties!!!!!!!!!!

All of our properties have a security deposit of $400-$500 and an application fee of $40

We are glad you’ve stopped by to check out our new website. Please subscribe to our email list for the latest updates and apartment availability. We look forward to assisting you, and hope you choose Dearman Properties to call home.

Call us today for availability 601-545-9775, look us up on and like us on Facebook